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Coder. Developer. Nerd.

India Office - Mumbai / Bangalore

Are you a hardcore coder? Do you love to solve difficult problems? We can use your powers. We are looking for a software guru, a development ninja who can help us with various problems, from production floor to sales reps and from accounting to inventory, we have lots of areas where we can use your help.

Official Designation: IT Solutions (Head)


  • Provide IT solutions to intra-company requirements (example: sales management, production process management, inventory management, email integration)
  • Assist Chief Technology Officer to further develop the core products
  • Foresee and enable next-gen IT solutions 

Past Experience

  • 5+ years development experience in the Web Technologies & Web Apps Development space
  • 2+ years Windows 10 Development Environment experience
  • AZURE Cloud Services experience


  • Base salary + Performance based incentives

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Got questions? Call +91 (022) 2610 2610 (ask for Ms. Rupali)

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